Dual Credit Courses

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Dual credit courses are college courses that you take in high school. You get high school credit toward your diploma as well as transfer credit toward a degree when you enter college. Choose from hundreds of available courses, start any time, work at your pace, and meet with tutors regularly to complete your assignments—no matter your current high school.


  • Experience college-level courses now
  • Explore subjects not available through most high schools
  • Raise your GPA
  • Strengthen your college applications
  • Complete entry-level requirements now to take fewer classes in college
  • Receive college credit without taking an AP or IB exam.
  • The sample courses look good on desktop but it’s funny the way the list splits into two separate boxes on mobile. Can the two boxes be consolidated into a single list that breaks into two columns on desktop? Or made into an expandable list the way we do with the undergraduate degrees?

Good to Know

  • Dual credit courses require approval from your high school
  • Most dual credit courses count toward NCAA core eligibility requirements
  • Some dual credit courses have prerequisites, such as having taken a certain course or achieving a certain ACT score, but many do not
  • To ensure your dual credit courses transfer to a particular college or fulfil particular requirements, you should check with the college in question

Sample Courses Include

  • ACC 200: Principles of Accounting
  • HRM 300: Organizational Behavior
  • MKTG 201: Marketing Management
  • ANTHR 110: Introduction to Archaeology
  • HIST 252: Modern Latin American History
  • GEOG 120: Geography and World Affairs
  • PSYCH 111: Introduction to Psychological Science
  • SOC 111: Introductory Sociology
  • COMMS 101: Mass Communication and Society
  • COMMS 230: Introduction to Advertising
  • ENGL 218: Creative Writing
  • EXSC 221: Science of Wellness
  • WRTG 150: Writing and Rhetoric
  • MMBIO 221: General Microbiology
  • PDBIO 210: Human Anatomy
  • PHSCS 127: Astronomy
  • MATH 119: Introduction to Calculus
  • GERM 301: Intermediate German