Our Story

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Developed in 1989 from the pioneering work of Palm Beach International Academy (PBIA), [email protected] provides one-on-one, tutorial based college programs that focus on the individual learning styles, needs and lifestyles of students from all walks of life and parts of the world. Building on PBIA’s experience in tutorial-based blended learning in K-12 education, [email protected] set out to reimagine online learning at the college level.

The [email protected] Difference

In an age when online courses and degrees have become common, we believe that there is still no replacement for the personal, face-to-face connection between a student and his or her instructor. Our programs honor this time-tested bond, while incorporating the “anytime, anywhere” flexibility that has made distance learning so popular. The result is a level of quality and engagement unmatched by traditional online programs.

Degrees That Matter

Beginning in 2015, [email protected] has partnered with nationally recognized universities including Penn State University, UCLA, Berklee School of Music, and many others in order to offer academically rigorous, fully-accredited courses and programs. When you earn course credits through [email protected], you can rest assured they will transfer. When you earn a degree, your diploma will look no different from those earned by students graduating from physical campuses, so you can be confident that your degree will impress.

21st Century College Education

As a pioneer in blended online learning, [email protected] has significant experience in understanding the needs of students learning on flexible schedules. As a student at [email protected], you will get to choose how you want to learn, what you are interested in studying, where and when you want to work, and who your best teachers are. You will experience courses that are:

  • relevant, engaging and designed around best practices in online instruction
  • taught by faculty with experience teaching in an online environment
  • supplemented to support your own interests and goals

A Global Reach

When you think of online education, you may feel like you are on your own, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every [email protected] student has:

  • regular one-on-one tutorials to learn course content and complete assignments
  • a personal academic director to oversee the student’s program, provide counseling and support, and handle scheduling and paperwork
  • use of any of [email protected]’s campuses and facilities in Wellington, FL and Boca Raton, FL
  • anytime access to a robust team of faculty, advisors, administrative staff, and institutional resources

Successful Students, Graduates, and Alumni

Perhaps the best way to understand [email protected] is to look at our students. They live rich, meaningful lives in their communities and on the world stage. They are entrepreneurs, missionaries, athletes and performing artists working at the forefront of their fields while still in college. They manage everyday commitments and professional responsibilities, balancing work, extracurriculars, and education. Each of our students brings a wealth of unique life experiences and professional achievements to their education, enriching the learning environment not only for themselves but also for their peers.