Sample Schedules

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With [email protected], your professors work around your schedule, not vice versa. You get to choose how many classes you take each semester and how many times you meet with your professors each week. When you register, our admissions office will work with you to design the perfect schedule to fit your needs and budget.

Andrés M

Andrés is a world-class Grand Prix dressage rider. He spends much of the year travelling the world for competitions and sponsorship but still manages a full course load.

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Lena B

Lena is an aspiring singer and songwriter. She has been accepted to Pepperdine but is taking a gap year to write an album. She’s also working toward a 4-course certificate in Music Composition. She takes 2 classes a semester and has 8 hours of tutorial per week.

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Sophie D

Sophie just completed her freshman year at University of Miami. To lighten her course load next fall, she’s completing a required calculus class over the summer. Math makes so much more sense when Alex works one-on-one with his tutor. She takes one class and has 3 hours of tutorials per week.

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Abdul K

Abdul is completing a US bachelor’s degree from the country of Jordan. His flexible schedule lets him work toward his degree while remaining at home to take care of his mother. He takes 4 classes, plus supplementary English tutoring, and has 10 hours of tutorials per week.

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