Stressed Out at Mid-Semester?

Are you struggling in one of your courses this semester? Maybe calculus is harder than you thought it would be, or maybe you can’t understand your economics professor’s accent. Maybe 8am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays wasn’t the best time to schedule your Spanish class after all.

Whatever the cause of your mid-semester distress, know that you still have options. With nearly half of the semester still remaining, now is the perfect time to hit the books and make up lost ground. Grading in most classes is heavily weighted toward end-of-semester assignments such as research papers, projects and final exams. So even if your current grade is terrible, it may be easier than you think to raise it by doing quality work from now through the end of the semester. If you’re not sure why you’re doing poorly, visit your professor during office hours. Not only will you learn how to do better in the course, you’ll also score brownie points for the effort.

Tutoring Works!

Another great option is to find a tutor. Many colleges offer free or discounted tutoring through their Office of Student Services, Academic Support Services, or Student Resources Center. If that fails, you can usually find a qualified tutor online through services such as Wyzant or University Tutor, or in-person at local tutoring companies such as Palm Beach International Academy. One-on-one tutoring works—with some studies showing students at least 50% more likely to pass challenging courses when supported by regular tutoring. Finding a tutor who can explain difficult concepts in a way that makes sense to you can change everything. What’s more, meeting regularly with a tutor can help hold you accountable to your coursework and your studies.

Try a Course Replacement

If none of that seems like it will help, it’s also not too late to cut your losses and withdraw from the course—likely with little to no effect on your GPA, entrance-to-major requirements, or graduation timeline. Most colleges allow students to drop courses with a “W” up until just a few weeks before the end of each semester, and doing so looks much better on your transcript than finishing the course and earning a “D” or an “F.” You can then retake the course with a different professor next semester. Even better, you can sign up for a course replacement through [email protected]. This is a simple and effective way to get credit for almost any course while working on your own terms with a private instructor.

How To Replace Your Course

1) Contact [email protected] for a proposed course replacement;
2) Show the proposal to your college advisor to get approval;
3) Complete the course on your own timeframe with a private instructor at [email protected];
4) Transfer the completed course credit back to your home university.

Whatever solution you ultimately decide on, remember to breathe and that you’re not alone. Feel free to drop us a line if we can help!